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SCOTTeVEST ( is the world's most innovative travel clothing company, based in Ketchum/ Sun Valley, Idaho. We are famous for the many hidden pockets found in all of our clothing, and for our patented Personal Area Network (PAN) that manages headphone wires in jackets, vests, shirts, and hoodies. As a strong leader in the travel clothing industry and due to our fantastic location, we have close ties to the outdoor industry. We are one of the first clothing lines launched online, and have been selling direct-to-consumers on the web for the past ten years, and were recently named one of Internet Retailer Magazine's Hot 100.

Our company is growing quickly, with 100% year-over-year growth for the past two years. We are expanding our innovative, service-driven team to continue our focus on exceptional products and online experience for our customers -- the reason for our success. We prefer individuals who bring experience from the active outdoor garment or product industry, and who have good, if not great knowledge of the direct-to-consumer E-commerce model.

A Bachelor's degree or equivalent is a minimum requirement along with relevant experience to the skill level and results needed for the position. Our work environment is super fast-paced and we attract bright, accomplished, energetic people who are both creative and efficient. All positions are based in Ketchum, Idaho, a world class mountain resort community with unparalleled access to not only outdoor activities, but also cultural events and restaurants.Ketchum is located by Sun Valley resort in the Sawtooth mountain range of central Idaho.


We offer Health Insurance (including Vision), Dental Insurance, and a LifeFlight emergency medical plan to full-time employees after a waiting period, paid time off covering vacation, sick leave, and holidays, and competitive simple IRA match. Company perks include twice-weekly Boot Camp workouts, weekly massages, chiropractor visits, annual rafting, shared company ski pass and more! We encourage our employees to utilize the outdoor activities in our community (Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho). Here you will never need to travel for a ski weekend again! Our office is in full view of one of the premier ski mountains in the United States. The Wood River Valley also offers an endless array of hiking and biking trails, some of which literally start around the corner from our office!

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Corporate Culture

Want to know more about our corporate culture and what it takes to succeed at SCOTTeVEST? Read all about it here and before applying we strongly suggest you read this second article about our corporate culture, and why not everyone is right for the job.

The Implementer Mentality

Whether their job title includes the word "Implementer" or not, everyone we hire must adopt what we call the Implementer Mentality. By definition, an implementer is someone that "carries out, puts into action or performs." In other words, someone who gets shit done!

A worker merely operates within a company, while an implementer drives the company. We are looking for implementers at SCOTTeVEST.

Tour of the SCOTTeVEST Offices in Ketchum, ID

An Insight Into Our Operations

This video captures perfectly what Sun Valley, ID is all about

Our immediate openings include:

Marketing & PR Implementer

SCOTTeVEST is seeking a super-smart and highly motivated "Jack or Jill of all trades" for a marketing, PR and e-commerce position. This is a very fast-paced, career-track position at a quickly growing company. There is room for advancement based on performance. You MUST be a details person, a fast learner and capable of working independently. If this does not accurately describe you, please don't apply for this position... you will not excel or enjoy this job unless you live for the details and can take a task and run with it! We really can't stress this point enough. If you want a multi-faceted career at a rapidly growing marketing organization, this is the ideal job to dive into. Coffee is for closers, and you must be a closer.

Part of this role is focused on improving key, scalable metrics related to our e-commerce program (Conversion Rate, Funnel Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate, etc.) and improving site usability. Part of this role is focused on implementing marketing programs from email marketing to PPC advertising to creative project management. Part of this role is focused on PR and supporting the PR Director. This entire role is focused on identifying goals and working backward to lay out the steps to achieve them... and then do it.

The successful candidate must be able to participate in developing and implementing marketing and e-commerce plans to drive sales, improving sales cycles and boosting customer experience. This candidate must be capable of strategic and tactical thinking who can roll up his/her sleeves and execute on their own (and our) plans. You will be involved in the planning and oversight of improvements to the shopping experience, cart/checkout and all e-comm-related UI, potentially including a migration to a new e-comm platform. You will coordinate with other online advertising and promotional activities including search and email marketing.

Technical aptitude is strongly appreciated, but you are not expected to be a coder, though you will need to be able to learn intermediate level HTML and not be intimidated by it. A Bachelor's Degree and some level of experience in B2C marketing/e-commerce roles is a requirement. We are open to a brilliant rookie or a seasoned veteran, and may consider adding two new team members if there are strong candidates.

You will preferably have, or will need to quickly learn, the following:

  • Technical skills: be generally tech-savvy; adept at Outlook, Google mail, calendar, docs, and basics of time-tracking/project management software (like Harvest, Sharepoint or Base Camp); must know and use Skype; intermediate HTML coding (be able to read/understand and edit, but coding from scratch is not required); experience with Google Analytics a big plus
  • Communication skills: quick and accurate communication with a high email volume; understand basics of social media; stay on top of ongoing projects for multiple team members and report progress
  • Logic skills: apply blanket rules to multiple situations to determine your course of action; be able to work independently
  • Writing and Proofreading skills: we need a great writer who can write with purpose - press releases, website copy, etc.; great speller; good grammar; ability to proofread and notice small mistakes and inconsistencies in data
  • Basic Photoshop (or similar) skills: simple cropping; adding/deleting text, etc.
  • Good Eye: understand visual balance; how colors come together; notice elements that are out of place; able to take a decent photo, etc.
  • Creativity is always a plus, but not a core requirement of the job. We will never discourage creativity and collaboration.

General Tasks:

  • Set up and deploy email marketing campaigns
  • Coordinate spreadsheets and calendars with the Production department to ensure graphics are provided on time
  • Coordinate our media advertising calendar: proofread and test landing pages, set up promo codes, ensure pages are set up on time and correctly, communicate information to Customer Service
  • Launch Daily Sales and monthly promotions
  • Coordinate tasks and track progress toward their completion for the Marketing Team
  • Prepare metrics dashboards for the Marketing Team and update data on a set schedule and on demand
  • Review and approve (or reject) product reviews
  • Review sample and media requests and reject or approve based on set criteria
  • Launch email marketing campaigns and manage 'back in stock' emails, build and deploy weekly newsletters
  • Act as director/talent scout/production assistant/key grip on video and photo shoots
  • Oversee various e-commerce functions
  • Direct the overall organizational effort to develop and manage e-commerce projects
  • Own site reporting and analyze web usage trends to improve and/or add functionality
  • Track and report on effectiveness of projects
  • Own A/B and Multivariate testing
  • Additional duties as required. We do what it takes to get the job done and grow the business at all times
  • Other tasks as assigned

How can you know if this job is right for you? Easy!... does this describe you? I am curious...

  • I enjoy researching a topic to exhaustion—leaving no stone unturned.
  • I can take a basic concept and come up with different options/paths to pursue.
  • I ask questions to clarify details and confirm that I am on the right path.
  • I can stay focused on a research topic, but understand that going off on tangents can be beneficial, as long as I don’t stray too far without bouncing the tangential ideas off others.
  • I enjoy brainstorming sessions.
  • I think outside the box.
  • I like to analyze and evaluate data and then propose next steps based upon my conclusions.

I am organized, detail oriented, thorough and concise...

  • I can clearly present options, including all variables (time, cost, minimums, surcharges, hidden fees, etc.).
  • I don’t like surprises, so I anticipate potential problems/issues and offer options/solutions.
  • I like to take comprehensive data and summarize it so that I can present it as succinctly as possible.

I am pragmatic, efficient and goal-oriented...

  • I like to turn thoughts into action.
  • I like to get things done quickly.
  • I like to be busy and check things off my list (and, I like to keep lists).
  • I am very good at prioritizing.
  • I take pride in completing projects successfully.

If you identify with this description, chances are you would be a good fit for SeV. If you want to work at an established company in Sun Valley, Idaho but feel like you’re working in a Silicon Valley start-up, please send us your resume, cover letter and salary expectations (and for bonus points, your answer to the following request)... Assume we asked you to find the best cookie recipe. In 500 words or less, tell us what you would do.

Benefits: This is a salaried position, potentially senior-level position with an opportunity for bonuses based upon performance. At SCOTTeVEST, we understand that our past accomplishments and future achievements are directly connected to the individual successes of our people. We focus on the people in our company and have get together lunches every Friday, in-house boot camps, massages and POWDER DAYS when we get at least 8 inches of snow. We are also proud to offer a competitive compensation and benefits package including company paid health, vision and dental insurance (employee only), Life Flight Insurance, competitive 401(k) with match, and paid holidays and vacation.

In your cover letter, please tell us why you would be PERFECT for this job, and also identify 1- 2 things about our website that strike you as good and/or bad (and why). We look forward to hearing from you!

Please click the "Apply Now" button below to submit a resume, cover letter and your process. You may also email them to, but it is more convenient for us if you use the form. You must include your willingness to relocate to Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID and your salary expectations in your first communication to be considered for this position. We would love to hear your opinion about our products too!